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Can bikeactually.sg assemble the bike for me?

Yes, we will assemble your bike for you before delivery.

Does the bike have warranty?

All bikes comes with a warranty provided by Bike Actually Pte. Ltd.
Terms and Condition maybe vary to different models.

What is JIS frame fatigue test?

JIS frame fatigue test is Japan's Industrial Standard to test a bicycle's frame durability.
The normal standard is 70,000 times. JIS' standard is 130,000 times. (We made an error in our brochure as there is a "0" missing in our brochure. Our sincere apologies for the misinterpreted data.)

What is the warranty and return policy?

Please refer to Returns and warranty

Can I pay by cheque?

No. We currently DO NOT accept cheque payment.

Do you deliver Overseas?

We currently Do Not accept international orders.

How & when will delivery take place?

For PayPal and bank transfer payment option order, the product will be delivered within 7-15 days after your payment is confirmed.

Do bikeactually.sg delivery at night?

Yes, night deliveries can be arranged.

Why are there different durations (7, 15 days) of delivery days?

We'll deliver once every week, If products are not in stock, we need longer time to replenish our products. 

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