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About bikeactually

Cycling With Style

Who we are?

We live near the Park Connector Network in Singapore and was looking to buy a bicycle. We looked high and low and concluded that bicycles in SIngapore are mainly categorized to 2 types. Most of the time you will find either cheap quality, low priced bikes or really high end and expensive professional bikes. We just couldn’t find a bike that was good looking, mid priced with a good quality build!

After exhausting our options, we decided that it’s a good idea to import our bikes... and voila the idea for bikeactually.sg was borned! We strive to fill the gap in the bicycle market, enabling Singaporeans to enjoy a stylish looking bike with good built quality at an affordable price.

More importantly this will encourage more people to start biking and make full use of the PCN ( Park Connector Network ) that can be enjoyed by all!

Keep biking and stay safe!

Mail to: yeoh@bikeactually.sg